5 Reasons You and Your Spouse Should Complete Your Advance Directives Together

You know you should have a living will, and you understand that making decisions about medical treatment in advance can protect you and your loved ones. But even with Keystone’s simple process and expert guidance from Dr. Pearlstein, creating your advance directive can be overwhelming. Signing up for and completing your Keystone Digital Living Will with your spouse or partner can add ease and comfort to the process—and is a good idea for a number of reasons.

For these five reasons, we recommend creating your living will together with a spouse, partner, or other close loved one:

1. It provides the ability to talk through difficult decisions. When you create your Keystone Digital Living Will, you’ll be prompted to make medical treatment decisions about blood transfusions, CPR, diagnostic tests, dialysis, administration of drugs, respirator use, surgery, intravenous or tube feeding, palliative care, “do not resuscitate” (DNR) orders, and hospital versus home setting. These decisions can be difficult and raise some challenging emotions as you envision what your own end-of-life care might look like. You’re not alone—especially if you complete your living will at the same time as your spouse. Talking through any uncertainties together can help add clarity to your feelings and ultimate decisions.

2. It prompts you to consider and discuss how each decision will affect you and your partner. In the event that it becomes medically necessary for your living will to go into effect, the medical treatment decisions you have made will affect your partner emotionally and financially. Consider the decision to either use or withhold intravenous feeding. Use of intravenous feeding can be costly to the surviving spouse, but withholding that treatment may mean having to say goodbye sooner. Each decision can be as much about your partner as about you, so making these decisions together can help ensure you’re making the right decisions for both of you.

3. You’ll both find peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected. Your digital living will can protect your loved ones—children, siblings, parents—from uncertainty of medical decisions as well as difficulty in physically retrieving a document. Completing your living will together allows you to protect you and your spouse’s extended family, as well as one another, by making sure you both have a living will.

4. Be each other’s spokesperson. In order to complete your Keystone Digital Living Will, you will be prompted to select two witnesses and a spokesperson, who will then need to electronically sign your advance directive. We encourage you to discuss your living will and medical treatment decisions with those you are selecting as your spokesperson and witnesses. Many couples elect to choose their spouse or significant other as a spokesperson. By completing your living will together, you can both complete the spokesperson agreement together and help expedite this part of the process. The more loved ones who know about your living will, the better. The Keystone dashboard will let you electronically share your advance directive with loved ones and doctors, but going through the process of completing your living will together with a loved ones ensures that someone else now only knows about your living will but also understands the reasoning behind your decisions.

5. Take advantage of our discount for spouses. If you and your spouse or partner are creating your Keystone Digital Living Will together, use the promo code KEYSTONEFOREVERSPOUSE for $30 off each living will. You can enter this promo code during checkout.

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