Is this Living Will Really Legal?

“But when I created my old living will, I had to see my lawyer. Why don’t I need a lawyer for my Keystone living will?”

Here at Keystone, we’ve been hearing this question a lot—so we’d like to share the answer with you.

Keystone Digital Living Will is created by doctors and vetted by lawyers.
What does this mean?

Because a team of leading physicians has designed the Keystone directive, the result is a comprehensive, implementable document.

Your Keystone Digital Living Will is easily understandable by your treatment team so they can honor your medical treatment choices. With a thorough and clear representation of your preferences, there is no need for doctors to task your loved ones with making difficult medical decisions on your behalf.

Other directives are designed by lawyers, resulting in legal jargon that is less clear to the people actually using it—your healthcare treatment team. While lawyers thoroughly account for legal situations, important considerations about healthcare may be overlooked.

Of course legality is important, too—and that’s why we’ve partnered with Reed Smith, one of the largest and most respected law firms on the east coast. Reed Smith thoroughly vetted our medically sound document to ensure that it is also legally sound.

During the process of creating your Keystone Digital Living Will, you will be asked to provide email addresses for two individuals to review your directive and sign as witnesses. This eliminates the need for a notary. With the completion of all steps and electronic signatures, your Keystone Digital Living Will is a fully legal document.

Keystone Digital Living Will is also a much more affordable option than visiting a lawyer for your advance directive. Compare pricing here.

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