6 Signs Your Living Will Is Outdated

You have a living will, so you already know how important your directive is. It protects your quality of life during your final days; it ensures your medical preferences will be honored; and it means your loved ones will not fight with one another about making difficult healthcare choices if you become unable to communicate your own wishes.

But if your living will is outdated, it may not be offering enough protection to provide full peace of mind.

How do you know if your living will isn’t good enough? Heed these 5 telltale warning signs:

  1. Your living will is printed instead of digital.

Printed living wills run the risk of being misplaced or damaged. They require loved ones to leave family’s side during a stressful time to physically go retrieve your document. If you have ever updated your living will, an old version may mistakenly be found.

Keystone Digital Living Will, on the other hand, can be instantly accessed electronically by your entire medical treatment team.

  1. Your directive doesn’t specify a medical proxy.

A medical proxy or spokesperson helps communicate your healthcare decisions to your treatment team based on your choices, beliefs, and values. This provides extra protection for you and your loved ones in the event that you become medically unable to communicate your own decisions.

When you create your Keystone Digital Living Will, you will be asked to select a spokesperson, who will then receive electronic viewing access to your directive and be prompted to sign.

  1. You can’t remember the last time you updated your living will.

Life changes and choices change. It’s completely normal to change your mind about medical decisions you’ve made within your living will.

Take a few minutes to review your old advance directive. Are you sure the preferences you’ve expressed accurately represent your current beliefs and values? Are these still the best options for both you and your family? Are your choices likely to be the same in one year? Five? Ten?

If you wanted to make changes to your directive tomorrow, what would you have to do? Call your lawyer? Pay expensive fees?

Your Keystone Digital Living Will includes unlimited updates for no extra fee. These updates can be completed quickly and conveniently, from any device, in the comfort of your home.

  1. You are no longer in touch with your medical proxy or witnesses.

Just like life and choices change, so do relationships. If death took a loved one from you, or if divorce took you and a partner on separate paths, it’s possible that the spokesperson or witnesses you selected on your outdated living will are no longer available to speak on your behalf. These issues may create complications in the implementation of your end-of-life healthcare decisions.

Your Keystone Digital Living Will allows you to instantly make updates not only to the medical choices you have selected, but to your spokesperson and witness selections as well.

  1. Your advance directive is difficult to read and understand.

Living wills that were created with a lawyer or through an online click-and-buy option are often full of legal jargon and may be more thorough about legal issues than important medical ones. These documents may be difficult for your medical treatment team to understand and implement.

Keystone Digital Living Will is designed by doctors and vetted by lawyers. The resulting document is medically thorough, easy to honor, and legally sound.

  1. Your living will doesn’t include a values and beliefs section.

Even a directive with a very comprehensive list of healthcare preferences may not account for every possible medical scenario.

Keystone Digital Living Will includes a beliefs and values section that provides your doctors, spokesperson, and loved ones additional information that will help them understand your choices and comfortably make decisions that honor you and your preferences.

Ready to upgrade your advance directive? Click here to get started and achieve true peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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