4 Reasons the Price is Worth It

Thinking of creating a living will, but not sure you want to spend the money? This is one investment you won’t regret. Here are 4 of the top reasons why creating an advance directive is worth the price.

  1. You can’t put a price tag on your health.

Call it cliché, but it couldn’t be more true. It’s easy to take health for granted when we have it, but it’s important to consider what it will be like when we don’t.

Protecting your end-of-life healthcare choices means protecting your quality of life. The preferences you specify in your advance directive can determine whether you spend your final days at home or in a hospital—and what level of treatment you receive, with what level of priority is given to your comfort.

  1. Different end-of-life medical treatments may incur different costs to your loved ones.

No matter the price tag, there is no right or wrong answer as to whether someone should be left on life-sustaining medical treatment—except for what that individual wants.

We do urge every individual to consider his or her options, and to make that decision clear and implementable by creating a living will. Feeding tubes and other treatments can be very costly to loved ones. That’s perfectly okay if that’s the course of treatment you want, but can you imagine your loved ones spending thousands of dollars on a treatment you didn’t actually want?

  1. A lack of end-of-life medical decisions may incur emotional costs to your loved ones.

One of the key motivators for creating Keystone Digital Living Will is seeing firsthand how a lack of a clear, implementable living will wreak havoc on the surviving family. Relationships that were decades strong can crumble apart when two family members disagree on the correct course of treatment. The price of creating a living will is minimal compared to the lasting devastation not having one can cause to your loved ones.

  1. Keystone Digital Living Will is an affordable, high-value option.

Keystone Digital Living Will is easy to use, edit, and access. Its fully digital platform and ID card ensure your decisions will be implemented. Designed by doctors and vetted by a top legal firm, Keystone Digital Living Will is not only affordable but is also medically and legally sound.

Ready to get started? Make an investment that will give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected.

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