How do Doctors Use the Blue Button to Find My Directive?

Have you seen the blue button on our website that says “Download my data”?

Blue Button, an official government health records identification from, provides a secure way for health records to be electronically accessed.

When visiting, this button allows you, your doctors, and your loved ones to access your advance directive in our database. It serves as an extra layer of protection for your medical choices, because it helps ensure they can be located and implemented, even in an unexpected emergency situation.

Give it a try now by navigating to our Public Search platform.

Someone who wants see your Keystone Digital Living Will would enter your last name and date of birth as well as either your Keystone ID or the last four digits of your social security number. The latter choice is a helpful option for those who don’t know your ID or aren’t sure if you have a Keystone Digital Living Will or not. Individuals who search for and access your living will do not have the ability to change it.

As more and more individuals take control of their health by creating a Keystone Digital Living Will, our database is a default location healthcare providers will check when treating a patient who becomes unable to communicate his or her own medical choices.

We also recommend using our Keystone Digital Living Will app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, to directly share your advance directive with your medical treatment team and loved ones. With the tap of a button, the app emails the contacts of your choice with a link to view your living will.

The more people you let know about your Keystone Digital Living Will, the more you’re protecting the future of your healthcare and your overall quality of life.

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