How to Let Doctors and Loved Ones Know You Have a Living Will

A living will can protect you and your loved ones, but only if your treatment team knows about it. There are many ways you can make sure your doctors and loved ones know about and are able to access your Keystone Digital Living Will.

  1. Medical ID in your Phone’s Health App

You can save important medical information, including details to access your Keystone Digital Living Will, in the Health App on your smart phone. Toggling the “Show When Locked” option means doctors and other individuals can access this information without entering a security code or accessing the rest of your phone.

  1. Share Electronically from the Keystone Digital Living Will App

After completing or updating your living will in the Keystone Digital Living Will app, you will be prompted to electronically share your advance directive with the contacts of your choice. We will send an email containing a link to view the details of your living will. These individuals—the friends, family members, and doctors you’ve elected to share it with—will not be able to edit or make any changes your document.

  1. Talk About It

We always encourage talking about your living will with loved ones, starting from the point you begin considering it and carrying through to making those tricky decisions, sharing your final document, and encouraging others to create an advance directive of their own. End-of-life considerations can be a difficult topic to discuss with those closest to you, but it’s worth doing. It’s a good idea to let your doctors and other healthcare professionals know about your living will as well.

  1. Blue Button

Doctors and loved ones who click on the Blue Button on are able to retrieve your Keystone Digital Living Will. Even if they’re not sure you’ve created one and don’t have your Keystone ID, they’ll be able to search for it by entering your last name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Unlike a printed living will that can remain hidden in a filing cabinet, your Keystone Digital Living Will provides additional peace of mind and security through electronic sharing and multiple ways to make sure your treatment team knows about it.


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