Your Keystone Digital Living Will is a comprehensive end-of-life care plan.


Keystone Digital Living Will is a comprehensive end-of-life care plan that allows you to select medical treatment preferences as well as designate your healthcare proxy.

Your Keystone Digital Living Will allows you to provide your loved ones a gift of compassion by removing the burden of making nearly impossible decisions during an extremely difficult time. Eliminate disagreements among family members by making sure your end-of-life care decisions are clear and accessible.


  • A living will is NOT the same as a last will and testament or living trust.
  • A last will and testament is a legal document that specifies allocation of your property and possessions to designated beneficiaries following death.

  • Similarly, a living trust places your assets into a trust that can be accessed and used by you during your lifetime but is then transferred to designated beneficiaries upon death.
  • A living will, on the other hand, specifies decisions about end-of-life healthcare and treatment options prior to death


Keystone Healthcare Technologies is an industry leader for innovative healthcare solutions and is synonymous with confidence, security, convenience and quality of life. KHT created Keystone Digital Living Will to guide individuals over an easy process through their end-of-life care choices, minimizing the necessity for families to make critical decisions under stress or second guess those decisions for a lifetime.

At Keystone Healthcare Technologies, we understand that end-of-life care can be difficult to consider and talk about. But we also understand how important it is to make these plans in advance. And we understand the importance of making sure family members are taken care of.


Document your medical treatment preferences


Designate a spokesperson to make medical decisions for you if needed


Explain your beliefs and values so loved ones understand your decisions

Founded in 2012, KHT has assembled a leadership team equipped with a wealth of real-world experience and progressive skills in medical, healthcare, managed care, technology, corporate, and not-for-profit industries dedicated to improving lives and medical outcomes.

Keystone Digital Living Will is an innovative healthcare solution developed and offered by Keystone Healthcare Technologies (KHT) that addresses the need for end-of-life care decisions to be easily and clearly documented, retrieved, and implemented.

Through Keystone Digital Living Will we aim to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. With support from Dr. Robert J. Pearlstein, we guide you knowledgably and compassionately through the process of creating your advance directive.

Electronically available when and where you need it, your Keystone Digital Living Will protects your family members from the stress and uncertainty of difficult decisions.


The expertise of Dr. Robert J. Pearlstein, a fellowship trained Geriatric Internist and ethicist who has been practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for over twenty years, was critical in creating the Keystone Digital Living Will. His video guidance within the platform helps individuals fully understand medical treatment options.

The Keystone Digital Living Will is the culmination of his passion and experience, guiding individuals in an easy and informed process through their end-of-life care choices, minimizing the necessity for families to make critical decisions under stress or second guess those decisions for a lifetime.

Dr. Pearlstein’s extensive experience as the Medical Director and key physician for one of the nation’s largest providers of adult and geriatric medicine, his time as the Chairman of Mercy Hospital’s Bioethics Committee for eight years, and his community-focused work with aging and adult services organizations created an awareness that the existing “system” for end-of-life planning was letting down individuals, families, and our healthcare system. Time and again he witnessed the unfortunate consequences of failing to plan. Inspired to find a better way, Dr. Pearlstein worked to develop an end-of-life tool that was, as he put it, “always with you.”

  • Appoint a spokesperson to act as your medical proxy
  • Values and beliefs section helps loved ones understand your decisions
  • Delivered directly to your point of care when requested by your treatment team
  • Fully digital – always with you

  • Expert video guidance from leading physician and ethicist
  • Informed decisions with minimal stress

  • Create yours quickly, in the comfort of your home
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time
  • No lawyer, doctor, notary, or even printer required
  • No retrieving an outdated printed copy from a filing cabinet or safety deposit box
  • Only requires a few names and email addresses

  • No hidden fees – unlike most other services
  • Unlimited updates at no extra charge


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